Covid-19 Update: War against covid-19 is still ON

Coronavirus is a virus that belongs to the RNA group that causes respiratory problems in humans. This infection can range from mild to Extreme. Mind infection in humans is as similar as common cold caused by rhinovirus. Some Extreme coronavirus causes SARS, MERS, and covid-19. In humans, coronavirus infects lungs via the respiratory tract. There have been many gaps due to which coronavirus is spreading. The world is fighting a war with coronavirus.

Latest Updates on Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases by Countries: A report by Worldometer:

Covid-19 cases by CountriesConfirmed CasesDeath Cases
United States34,365,985616,150

The second wave of Covid-19 among the world is declining

  • In many parts of the world, coronavirus infection is decreasing.
  • But a sudden increment can be seen in some parts of the world, giving the government a surprise.
  • Countries with high peaks are the US, India, Brazil, France, Russia, Turkey, and many more.
  • But now the graph has started declining.

WHO report on Decreasing Corona cases

The numbers of new cases of covid-19 are decreasing globally in a row.

According to the WHO Director, there are still some countries where cases are still increasing, still, declining news is encouraging news.

WHO said, “the trend of the cases, it turns out that we can control the virus, even with the new parameters are in use.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 100 million cases of the virus reported around the world. More than 2.2 million people have died from the virus.

Infections have decreased in the United States of America, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and India. But, new cases have been increasing in France, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and Italy.

New Variant of Coronavirus

After India, the COVID-19 variant of B. 1.617.2, which was first detected in the country, and has already earned the nickname of the “Delta-Variant’ by the WHO, has been spreading across the globe.

Today it is available in more than 60 countries and is spreading. Health officials around the globe, even in countries with a high level of coverage, are worried about this.

The delta version is up to 50% more transmissible than variant B.1.1.7, for the first time found in the UK, and is now called the ” Alpha Variant.

The delta can have an impact, even on those who have already had an infection.

Public health England data shows that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine was only about 33% effective against the Delta-function after a single dose compared with the 50% in the case of the alpha function. But, after two doses, the activeness of the variant has increased by 88% and 60% for Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

 More about Delta plus variant

The second wave of the coronavirus has been linked with the Delta-variant, which was released in India in October last year. Now, that is, the number of COVID-19 cases began to decline, and the new Delta, the variation of virus, which is also known as the Delta-plus variant.

But, according to Dr. Scaria, ” The frequency of the different varieties for K417N in India is not very high at the moment compared to Europe, Asia, and the Americas.”

World’s stand on Vaccination drive

UK expands Covid-19 vaccination drive to cover all over

LONDON: About 1 million people in the united kingdom at the age of 21, and 22, and govt will start on their coronavirus vaccine, and, because of the National Health Service (NHS) conducted by the Covid-19 vaccination program, is a comprehensive implementation of the measures taken with regard to the coverage, even in the younger categories.

The NHS said that by the end of this week, the expectation is that everyone who is at the age of 18 years  and older will be able to take their vaccine.

USA faces vaccine storage problem

There were other errors in the distribution of vaccines in the United States of America, including a delay in the delivery of 3900 injections in the two countries, and the recent announcement that Pfizer will introduce in the next week or so, about 900,000 doses, it is less than the schedule of the ship this week, according to NDTV.

One of the problems associated with the transfer and storage of Pfizer shot, which co-operation with the German drug manufacturer’s BioNTech SE’s, was that it had to store at ultra-low temperatures.

India’s vaccination drive

INDIA’s 150-day Covid vaccination program, conducted on the 14th of June. So far, 25.90 crore people got vaccines in the country, which is an average of 17.26 lakh doses daily. On the basis of this indicator, it will take you about 78 weeks, months, or 18 months in the adult Indian population to vaccinate.

Are We Heading For A COVID 3rd Wave ?

The survival instinct that is inherent in all forms of life on our planet, and ensures that we are changing, a virus that is not any different. It continues to mutate, and what we do with our design options that are > 50% more infectious. The virus mutates fast, about once or twice a month. the virus changes in the genetic sequence. The only way to do it is to reduce the possibility of increased transmission of serious disease to the reduction of the chain of the virus.

WHO controls these functions, proceed as follows: 1. – Risk option of varieties with resistance to treatment), and 2. Alarm function (stems, increased portability, and severe infection), and 3. Large-impact option strains that are resistant to medical resources.

What can we do?

A multi-faceted approach is necessary to prevent or reduce the impact of the 3rd wave of the COVID.

1.Vaccine: The vaccine is the most effective cure for the covid-19. The use of vaccines is the most rational way, to protect the 3rd wave, and, also, the successive waves.

Vaccines have been a huge boost of hope and a way out of a pandemic. Now, there are a lot of problems such as free of charge. The administration is working on an extension of the production, importation, the WHO-recommended vaccines, re-orientation of the existing manufacturers of the vaccine, and in-licensing of new sections, etc.).

 2.Wear Mask: Wearing a face mask out of, and into the house, if they have covid-19 patients in isolation, suspicion of, or are in quarantine conditions. The mask should cover your mouth and nose.

To maintain a social distance of 2 meters at all times when shopping in retail stores, office buildings, etc., etc.).

This is rarely carried out in both urban and rural areas, in spite of the fact that we know that it is necessary. This requires a deliberate change in the social behavior of the individual, it is for many of us.

3.Hand hygiene: frequently Wash with soap and water for at least 6 to 8 times, or pesticides.

Avoidance of social contact, or, better still, stay at home.

Second wave of CoronaVirus

Coronavirus updates by numbers:

  • Worldwide there are 148 Million Positive cases for the Covid-19 virus.
  • 3 Million deaths caused by the Covid-19 virus.
  • Now, there are more than 18 Million Active Cases.
  • Today the United States, India, and Brazil are the topmost affected countries in the world.

Coronavirus cases by Countries: A report by Worldometer

Covid-19 cases by CountriesConfirmed CasesDeath Cases
United States32,983,695588,337

The second wave of Covid-19 among the world

  • In many parts of the world, coronavirus infection was about to decrease.
  • But a sudden increment in the coronavirus cases made the government surprised.
  • Most of the countries in the world are facing critical situations to cope with coronavirus.
  • Some countries with high peaks are the US, India, Brazil, France, Russia, Turkey, and many more.
  • Countries in the world are helping in every other possible measure to cope with this coronavirus situation.

Covid-19 blast in India: A Country struggling to breath

Cases of the new coronavirus are at the peak.

India would be facing the 3rd mutation of Coronavirus, a report by WHO.

  • Infection increased by more than 3lakh 79thousand cases in the last 24hours.
  • Hospitals across India are suffering from a lack of oxygen and lack of supply too.
  • Intensive care wards are suffering a shortage of space due to a hike in covid-19 cases.
  • India is going to use its LCA Tejas to mitigate the shortage of oxygen cylinders against covid-19.

Other Countries are supporting medical equipment and oxygen supplies to India.

Coronavirus Vaccine in India

There are warnings that India is running out of coronavirus vaccines, despite its government promising to speed up the national vaccination program.

India’s healthcare system is struggling to deal with the scale of the nation’s Covid-19 crisis.

The Indian government will start vaccinations for everyone above 18 years of age from May 1, under its third phase.

Covid-19 infection in US climbing again

The United States had the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world.

The United States has the most coronavirus cases.

There are 32 Million+ Covid-19 coronavirus cases and a record 570000 people’s death due to this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Despite its unprecedented vaccination program, infection numbers are still rising.

Covid-19 Vaccine in the US

235 million doses given in the US, this is the biggest vaccination campaign in history.

According to the WHO the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is safe and effective.

Coronavirus in the UK finally dropped

There are 4.4 million coronavirus cases and 127000 death cases recorded.

The UK is moving to the next stages of easing restrictions on everyday life.

In England Shops, gyms, and salons were allowed to re-open, along with outdoor spaces at pubs and restaurants.

Shops, gyms and salons have also reopened in Scotland, and pubs and restaurants can re-opened.

Around 34 million people got vaccines across the UK.

Coronavirus update in Brazil

After the United States and India, the most suffering country is Brazil.

14 million covid-19 cases and more than 380000 people died due to the coivid-19 pandemic, report by WHO.

  • There are more than 45 thousand new covid-19 cases in the last 24hours.
  • The majority of people in the study had only received their first vaccine dose.

Effectiveness may turn out to be higher as more people receive their second dose, said lead investigator, Julio Croda, a senior researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

WHO updates on Coronavirus

The ‘Indian strain’ of the coronavirus, also known as B.1.617 has founded in at least 17 countries, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday. Apart from India, the double mutant strain is found in the United Kingdom, USA, and Singapore. Says WHO.

WHO is bringing together a wide array of partners on a series of engaging initiatives to motivate and mobilize people to Be Ready to beat COVID-19, and to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

COVID-19 Vaccines for People Who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Study says vaccines help to protect both you and your baby from many preventable diseases.

During pregnancy, if a mother got vaccinated she will pass on infection-fighting proteins called antibodies to their babies.

A preliminary report from the largest study on Covid vaccine safety in pregnant women shows that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines are safe to use during pregnancy.

World Stand Unite against Coronavirus

As per the report of The Tribune – The nation has rushed to help India combat the second wave of Covid-19 sweeping the nation.

India’s allies and friends’ nations are sending Liquid oxygen, Oxygen tanks and more crucial equipment.

India supplied Covid-19 vaccine to more than 15 countries under its program ‘Vaccine Maitri’.

Will Coronavirus end up in the near Future…?

A question arises in every mind, answer given by Bill Gates.

A report by business times, Bill Gates has predicted that the world will be free from this coronavirus pandemic till the end of year 2022.

He added, ‘Completely back to normal’ till end of 2022.


  • In history, mankind has never seen a pandemic situation like coronavirus, where mankind is suffering for life.
  • We need to deal like one nation with this breathtaking pandemic situation.
  • Coronavirus cases by country can be a check on Worldometer coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus update news is really scary as coronavirus cases by country are increasing rapidly.
  • The covid-19 situation is so difficult for all the countries as coronavirus cases by country are at their peak.

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