Things to know about steaming benefits

Steaming your face will also help improve blood circulation therefore delivering oxygen to your skin cells that results in a fresh glow.

People are often do steaming, but they did not check steaming machine properly.Even they also don’t know how to use that machine properly and how it will affect to their skin.

It is more important to know that before you purchase your facial steamer, don’t forget to do some research like.

1. How to properly use any machine

2. What to do before steaming

3. What to do after steaming your face.

This all above will help you have a better experience and get the most out of your facial steamer. Steam treatments open your pores and increase circulation, leaving your skin clean, and glowing.

Benefits of steaming

There are many benefits of steaming as given below. however, skin care experts suggest home spa treatment means steaming in bowl at also gives many benefits.

  1. Give face glow.
  2. Improves blood circulations.
  3. Cleans up pores
  4. Fights premature skin aging
  5. Offers hydrations
  6. Your face receives more oxygen.

What to do before steaming

Things to keep in mind before steaming as follows.

1. To clean your face thoroughly.

2. To remove your make up as much possible.

3. To use gentle brush on your face.

However, cleaning face before steaming can prevent blocking pores. You can use gentle cleanser.  if you do not clean face there is a chance to have dirt, oil, makeup stuck in your face.

Therefore, cleaning face is must. before steaming.

How to steam face?

Step-1 Bring a small pot water to does not require much water 1 to 2 glass of water and bring it to boil until it has bubbles in water.

Step-2 Transfer it to the steaming a bowl you can add coconut oil, mint, rosewater as per your make it special.

Step-3 Now steam your face with a towel over your head. Place your face close to the water so that you can feel the not go so close to water that your skin feel like its burning or anything. You can steam about 10 minutes.

What to do after steaming your face?

  1. After steaming rinse face with lukewarmwater. Pat with towel you must not rubbing your towel as your skin is quite sensitive.
  • Apply moisturizing cream or serum on your face.
  • Tone your face with homemade toner mix 1tbsp of lemon juice in one cup of water. Sit for 10 minutes.
  • Last but not least Massage your face with cream about 10 to 15 minutes.

Side effects of steam on face

  • The heat can enlarge blood vessels and it cause redness.
  • If you have a dry skin steam is not for you. because it can remove oil from your face.
  • Some people have allergies like rosacea. they must avoid steaming.
  • If you are steaming too much hot water may scald the skin.

Disadvantages of steaming face

  • The steamer will require constant attention to the can replace water as per required.
  • Steam your face 10 to 15 minutes must not be suggest for the rosacea (kind of allergies).
  • If you steam your face daily it can have more chance to drying your skin.
  • The person who apply hot steam may lead to fungal infections, serve acne and sensitive skin.

Steam for face glow

  • Use tea tree oil about few drops in boiling water, it has antibacterial agent that effects on oily skin and cures acne.
  • You can also use coriander in boiling water, it acts as natural astringent it also heals acne.
  • Above these two remedies can easily do it at also gives glowing skin.
  • Another option is that use fennel seeds in boiling water about 1 tbsp for glowing skin. fennel seeds have anti -ageing antioxidant which are great for our skin.

Steaming face with lemon

Lemon used in cooking, baking, hair care, skincare, and kitchen cleaning. Furthermore, the essential oil of the peel of fresh lemons is use in for various ways .like

  • Rubbing lemon peel on face,
  • lemon peel also used in bathing water,
  • It can be add to hot water for steaming.

However, there is rare ingredients that can helps to remove oiliness from skin. Lemon has antibacterial property .so that it is more beneficial for our skin.

If are looking to go the natural way to pamper your skin, there is nothing better than a lemons in your fridge to start with.

Benefits of Lemon for Face

1. Minimize oiliness

Lemon is use to reduce the oiliness of face. To treat oily skin, apply about half teaspoon of lemon juice directly on cleansed skin. Massage it with a circular motion and let it dry. The lemon juice gets into the pores and clears out the oil in the skin. Wash off with warm water and dry the skin. Do this once a week. you can also use lemon based face wash.

2. Helps to improve skin tone

  However, it is good idea to use lemon for face as a lightener. Mix equal parts of lemon and honey and apply it on the skin. Regular use lightens the skin tone, bleaches facial hair and renders fairer skin.

3. Heals Acne

Being antibacterial in nature, lemon juice works miracles against acne. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one drop of tea tree oil and apply on the acne and pimples. keep it for 15 minutes .after that remove face with water.

4. Helps to remove Blackhead

Blackheads are the result of oil, dirt and bacteria settling in your skin pores. A safe way of eliminating them is to first steam your face to open up the pores.

 Now rub a slice of lemon on the affected areas. The fiber in the lemon will have a mild abrasive effect while the juice in itself will draw out the oil and dirt and kill the bacteria.

 Now wash your face and rub an ice cube over it to close your pores. Doing this once a week will give you smooth and blackhead-free skin!

Best steamer for face

A good steam is an essential part of any professional facial—and that’s not just because it feels good. A blast of warm, moist air works wonders when it comes to helping clean out and clear out your complexion.

Below, we’ve picked out the best facial steamers for you to test out.

Best Overall: Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Whether you’re looking for a steamer to use regularly or just to pull out on special occasions, the specs and price on this one can’t be beaten. It has an ion generator, which further ups the benefits of the steam.

Best Budget: Conair True Glow Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna System

For a great price, you basically get everything you need to totally step up your at-home facial game. two other tools—a battery-powered exfoliating brush and sponge head for applying moisturizer.

Benefits of steaming face with saltwater

The salt water is very rich in trace elements like iodine, potassium, zinc, etc., that fresh water does not have . we must not forget that salt water has antibacterial property.

Skin Toner.

The salt water facial treatment includes skin toning which helps in eliminating the excess oil from our face.

Treatment Of Acne.

The salt water is widely used in soaps and facial cleansers for the treatment of acne. It contains sulphur and potassium which help to maintain the water balance in your skin. Cleaning the pores and removing the dirt and toxins from the skin.

Facial Steamer

Salt water helps to open up the pores of the skin by the process of steaming. Boil a cup of salt water and hold your face over its steam by covering with a towel. Doing this for about 10 minutes will cut the dirt from your face and will freshen up your skin.

Detoxing Agent.

The salt water acts as a natural detoxifier by absorbing the toxins from the skin. Applying the salt water on the face for a couple of minutes before taking bathe helps to remove the dead cells from the skin. It also allows you to have a fresh look on your face for the whole day.

Stress Reducer.

Warm salt water acts as a relaxing agent. Applying salt water on your face before going to bed helps to energize your skin and reduce the all day stress. This allows you to have a sound sleep and you wake up fresh. It also provides psychological benefits to your health.

The most common FAQ:

Is steaming bad for your face?

  •  Steaming is bad only for those who have sensitive skin and person who has rosacea they should avoid steaming.
  • However, if you are facing redness or irritation then you should avoid steaming.
  • Steaming can be converting into disadvantage when you steam every day.

How to steam your face without steamer?

Steaming without a steamer can be possible .here are common alternatives of a steamer. that everyone can follow.

1. Steaming in Bowl

2. Hot water steaming

3. Steaming in the bucket

  • Bring a small pot of water to a boil. You only need a few cups of water to do proper steam. Boil the water on the stove
  • Wash your face. While the water is heating, wash your face to remove makeup and dirt. Use a gentle face cleanser and warm water. Removing makeup and dirt is a must before steaming.
  • Pour the water into a bowl. Pour it into a glass or ceramic bowl resting on a folded towel or two. Part of the facial experience is to add some beauty to your day, so if you have a pretty bowl on hand, use that one! If you’re in a hurry, you can also just use the pot you boiled the water in.
  • The easiest way to get a steam facial is to run a hot shower for 5 to 10 minutes, then place your face in, or very close to, the steam.
  • Take a towel and soak it in hot water, wring it out so that it is no longer dripping, and drape it over your face.
  • Have a seat, drape your towel over your head and the pot, and hold your face 6 inches above the water. Raise or lower your head for more or less heat and lift a corner of the towel to cool off if needed. Steam your face for 5 to 10 minutes.

How often should I steam my face?

  •  Do Facial steaming once in week.often steaming can harm your skin.
  • Our skin has its natural oil to moisturize our skinif we are often steaming it stripped away.
  • We should keep our steaming session by 10 minutes. not more than that it may harm your skin.
  • We will start getting side effects of steaming when we do it many times in a week.

Can I steam my face every day?

  • No, you should not steam your face every day. Steaming everyday causes drying your skin.
  • While steaming you need to careful that water should not be hot, it should be warm. steam your face once in week for good result.

Is Steaming good for acne?

  • Steaming cleanses your face thoroughly.
  • It helps to openup skinpores.
  • Clears dirt
  • Eliminates the acne causing bacteria.
  • Helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads


Thus, we can say that steaming is beneficial to our skin but often steaming may harm our skin. Person who has sensitive skin should avoid it may cause redness or skin irritation.

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