Nails structure looks like hair and skin layers, formed of keratin. Normally the diseases in nail abnormalities are called morphology and etiology. Healthy nails are smooth and consistent in color. Nail diseases affecting the growth or appearance of nails called nail abnormalities.Here we explain some common nail abnormalities in detail.Read More →


Falafel is a healthy Middle Eastern recipe made of blended chickpeas, mixed with so many spices and flavors. This mixture is converted into small balls, prepared like the southern style. You can eat falafel alone, somewhere mentioned that you can eat with pita bread according to tahini, hummus, and Israeli.Read More →


Cat scratch fever or subacute provincial lymphadenitis is a bacterial infection influencing lymph hubs that channel the locales of vaccination. Bartonella henselae, a gram-negative bar, is viewed as an important etiologic operator. CSD is one of the most widely recognized reasons for chronic lymphadenopathy in kids and adolescents. Patients withRead More →